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Our Grounds, Our Community

The Rain Garden

The beautiful Rain Garden on the south end of the grounds was partly built and continues to be maintained with the support of the Fund. It provides nearly 15,000 square feet of stormwater management, pollinator garden, play space, and outdoor classroom.

The Fund provides support for the raised bed gardens that students use to grow herbs and vegetables for culinary classes.  

The Fund also provided the new decorative fence along Prospect Ave. and new benches throughout the grounds.


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Adolescent Playground Spring 2020

In Spring of 2020 the Fund supported the addition of new play structure geared specifically toward Upper Elementary and Adolescent students. This structure provides a mix of play and fitness - it is responsive and dynamic and also has pods for just hanging out.


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Academic Enrichment

The MAM Fund enriches children's education in the classroom. We provide discretionary funds for teachers at Maryland Avenue to use for montessori materials, books, and other learning tools, and for extra supplies ranging from paper and pens to pet food. In each of the last few years, we've offered teachers discretionary funds totaling about $5,000 per year, plus additional support for special education teachers. 

We also provide about $2,000 each year for professional development for Maryland Avenue teachers, so they can continue their own education and grow alongside the children they teach. 

And we support additional instruction in the school, such as food, cooking, and environment education, Mad Hot Tap and Ballroom Dancing through our partnership with Danceworks, cultural programing cooking and gardening with Food Right.  Field trips include Urban Ecology Center, First Stage and Natures classroom. We also proudly support the MAM PTO.   Without your support of the Fund and its mission, this classroom enrichment would not be possible. 

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